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Your spotlight on local services

Private Healthcare

Want to make a complaint about private healthcare?

Before deciding to make a complaint you should try and talk to the organisation concerned, as it is often possible to sort out a problem straightaway. This means your concerns could be resolved quickly and informally without going through a formal complaints process.

If you have tried this approach and still feel unhappy about the matter you are entitled to make a formal complaint.

Whatever your complaint it is a good idea to keep a record of all verbal and written communication, Use this form to keep track of your complaint.

Who can complain?

Anyone can make a complaint about health and social care services they have used. If you wish to complain on behalf of someone else you may need to have their written permission.

Who should I complain to?

Who you contact to complain will depend on, whether you are complaining about health care or social care, and whether that care is paid for by public funds or you have paid for it yourself. Please read through the follow information regarding complaints, so you can direct your concern correctly.

Whatever your complaint it is a good idea to keep a record of all verbal and written communication, Use this form to keep track of your complaint. 

Complaining about private healthcare?

If you are unhappy with care you received that was not NHS funded you have the right to make a complaint. You should contact the person or organisation that provided the service and give them the chance to put things right for you. Ask to see their complaints procedure as this will tell you who to contact and how they will handle your complaint, follow the guidelines of their complaints procedure to make sure your complaints gets heard and can be formally resolved.

Not satisfied with the response you got?

If you are not content with the response you got or the outcome of your complaint then you can contact The Independent Healthcare Advisory Service (IHAS). The IHAS is a trade body for the independent healthcare sector; they have produced a booklet to guide patients through the complaints process which is available here

T 020 7379 8598
E info@independenthealthcare.org.uk
W www.independenthealthcare.org.uk

Is your complaint regarding dental care?

The Dental Complaints Service is for private care dental complaints, they are a team of advisors who aim to help private dental patients and dental professionals settle complaints fairly. They provide a free and impartial service funded by the General Dental Council, the organisation that regulates dental professionals in the UK. They have produced a booklet to guide patients through the complaints service which is available here

T 08456 120 540
E info@dentalcomplaints.org.uk
W www.gdc-uk.org/sites/dcs/Pages/default.aspx
P Dental Complaints Service, Stephenson House, 2 Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon CR0 6BA 

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