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Your spotlight on local services

Young People

We’ve got a lot of projects coming up for Merton’s young people to get involved in. Read on to find out how you can help us to make sure that young people’s views and experiences are having an impact on improving local services.

Young Healthwatch

We are working to create a forum where young people in Merton can guide the work of Healthwatch and the other organisations we partner with (such as Merton Council and Merton Clinical Commissioning Group). The forum will discuss how health and social care issues are currently impacting on young people’s lives, and take action to make sure that both the young population and the people in charge of the services they use understand how everyone can work together to create improvements.

Health animations

What information do young people need to know when it comes to health? What do you wish someone had told you about how to access health services? What do you wish people understood about your health condition or a social care issue which affects you? We have a year’s license to use some really simple animation software and we want our young people to make a series of videos which we can use to spread useful ideas, information and tips. Send us your ideas to info@healthwatchmerton.co.uk

Young people’s report

This year we want to publish a report into the health and social care issues that Merton’s young people care about. We want a report that is designed, researched and written by young people themselves. If you want to learn to be a researcher, wouldn’t mind being interviewed for a case study, or if you think that you could organise a focus group with other young people get in touch to become one of the volunteers working on this.

Social media

Help us build a community who feel confident in speaking up about what they want from their health and social care services. Our social media could be used for so much more, are you the person to help us expand? We hope to be able to use our online channels to spread information about where people can have their voices heard directly by the people with power, as well as what provision young people can access if they need it. Jump on board by signing up to be a volunteer.


Great things happen when groups of people get together. There are so many issues to address, and so many discussions we need to have. If a big enough group of volunteers are interested, we can create an entire day dedicated to giving young people space to talk about the issues which affect their lives and to try to seek solutions together. What’s more we can invite the people whose decisions affect all of us, so they can listen directly to the experts (that’s you!). Workshops, presentations, an information market, showcasing the work of good projects, all of this and more could be a part of it. This would be a great chance to develop skills in planning, organisation and teamwork, excellent for any CV and for taking charge of your own projects throughout your life!

Don’t see a project listed that you think we should be running?

We are open to the ideas and influence of all Merton’s young people. Start a conversation with us, help us to develop the best ways of working. Send your questions, comments and suggestions to:info@healthwatchmerton.co.uk

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Merton Directories

Merton Directories - hosts information on support, services, advice and things to do for children, young people and adults.


MVSC is delighted to have been awarded this contract and we are pleased we will continue our work with health and social care services within the borough. We work successfully in partnership across all sectors and are looking forward to delivering the best possible service we can for local people.