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Your spotlight on local services

Reports and Summaries


Healthwatch Merton’s reports give more detailed overviews of the work or projects we have been doing and how the voice of local people have informed these. 

Community Navigator Service (CNS) Evaluation
This is an indebt evaluation of the Community Navigation Service, across the Holistic Assessment Rapid Investigation Team and the GP Practice.

Healthwatch Merton Action Plan: Jupiter Ward
This document is the Mental Health Trust’s Action Plan response to our report. 

Enter and View Follow-Up Report
This document is the Enter and View report for the agreed follow up that took place in January 2017. 

PPG Best Practice Guide 2016
Healthwatch Merton has produced a guide to Patient Participation Groups (PPGs), with ideas, suggestions, templates and more.  

Jupiter Ward Outcome Action Plan
Three Healthwatch Merton Enter and View Authorised Representatives carried out the visit to the Jupiter Ward at Springfield University Hospital. Read the outcome action plan from the Jupiter Ward at Springfield University Hospital.

Enter and View Report Jupiter Ward
Three Healthwatch Merton Enter and View Authorised Representatives carried out the visit to the Jupiter Ward at Springfield University Hospital. Here are the results.

Adult Social Care (ASC) Consultation on Cuts to Services 2016-17
Between 23 October 2015 and 7 December 2015 Merton Council ran a consultation exercise about how, and from where, they aim to achieve the 2016/17 proposed cuts of £5.06 million to be implemented in 2016-17. We ran six focus groups and spoke with a total of 72 people who attended them to get their views. 

Healthy High Streets Consultation 
This report, done in partnership with Public Health Merton shares the views of the kind of high street/town centre residents of Mitcham would like to see - LB Merton Public Health Response 

Merton Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) Report 
Healthwatch Merton organised an engagement event for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) community. As a seldom heard part of Merton’s communities; it was felt that a one off event to establish links and hear issues about experiences of using health and social care services would be valuable to Healthwatch Merton. 

Healthwatch Merton Annual Report 2013/14
This is the first annual report from Healthwatch Merton (HWM), the local consumer champion for health and social care in Merton. The report outlines our workstreams for the coming year and what we’ve done so far.

Healthwatch Merton GP report: Strategies for improving GP services in Merton
GP services is one of those workstream areas identified for us to focus on. We therefore wanted to produce a report from research carried out locally with patients that would identify improvements, ideas and solutions for GP services.



Produced by our qualified volunteers we hope these summaries help everyone stay informed by giving shortened, easy to read, versions of hefty reports and policies. 

Healthy Children – Transformation Child Health Information
The purpose of the document is to set a plan for the future investment and transformation of health information services and systems. 

Future in Mind – Promoting, Protecting and Improving Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing
The report begins with an executive summary about the Taskforce and sets out a clear national ambition in the form of key proposals to transform the design and delivery of local services for CYP. 

Learning, Candour and Accountability
The report begins with a summary of the review including what the CQC did, what they found, recommendations and what the CQC will do. 

Getting Involved – How People Make a Difference
The report begins by describing how people get involved in volunteering and 3 different types of participation in society.

Sustainability and Transformation Plans in the NHS – How Are They Being Developed in Practice?
The report begins with an introduction to STPs followed by a chapter that specifically focuses on why STPs matter.  The report then explains how the STP process was set up and defines the STP geographical boundaries (or areas) to be covered by each plan – referred to as STP ‘footprints’. 

Managing Doctors, Doctors Managing
The reports begins with an introduction about the importance of the doctor-manager relationship to the delivery of high-quality, safe patient care; the objectives of the study and methods used to conduct the research. 

Manifesto: Our Voice, Our Vision, Our Values
The document conveys the key current issues in mental health from the perspective of people with lived experience of mental health problems.

The Future of Child Health Services: New Models of Care
The report describes the current state of child health in the UK.  It discusses the challenges in child health outcomes and quality of life identified for CYP.

Children and Young People’s Plan 2016-19
The report describes the rationale for the CYPP within the context of ongoing issues nationally such as difficult funding pressures which are affecting children’s services and an increasing population of children in some local areas.

Surviving or Thriving? –The State of the UK’s Mental Health
This report summarises the key findings of self-reported mental health problems from the survey and it then describes what it means to thrive.

Health and Social Care Integration
The report examines the progress the Department of Health, the Department of
Communities and Local Government and NHS England has made towards integrating health
and social care services.

New Opportunities and Sustainable Change
This report shows that a sustainable and diverse VCSE sector is essential and that it is necessary for local authorities to realise their potential.

Tackling Childhood Obesity Together
This report looks at reducing childhood obesity by environment such as the places where people live, work and play just as much as personal lifestyle choices.

Next Steps for the Five Year Forward View
The report describes the NHS in 2017 including: progress since the Five Year Forward View, what will be achieved over the next two years and national priorities.

The Impact of Housing Problems on Mental Health
This report describes the research and discusses the results of housing and mental health from public debates.

Building a Carer Friendly Society: Research Summary for Carers Week
This report discusses key findings from a public opinion poll about unpaid carers, role of a carer, main worries about becoming a carer and more.

Statutory Guidance for Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS England
The guidance sets out 10 key actions to support CCGs and NHS England to meet their legal duty to involve.  

My Diabetes, My Care: Community Diabetes Care Review
This report summarises a review the CQC carried out to explore the quality of care and support provided to people with diabetes to help them to manage their condition themselves.  

London Ambulance Service – Improving Mental Health Services
The report summarises the findings based on responses to 5 questions that were asked during focus group discussions.  

Untapped Potential: Bringing the Voluntary Sector’s Strengths to Health and Care Transformation 
The report describes the role of the VCS in health and social care.  This includes what charities do, where they help in the patient care pathway, how charities work, and the additional value that they bring to the health and social care system. 

A Foot in the Door: VCS Providers’ View of CAMHS Transformation
The report describes the findings based on a survey of 58 YIACS members, about their experiences of planning the transformation of CAMHS in their local areas.

General Practice Forward View
General practice is currently facing various challenges. This report sets out the specific, practical and funded steps to transform general practice. 

An Opportunity to Improve. General Practice Complaint Handling
The report discusses the management of feedback, concerns and complaints within
general practice. It provides a snapshot into the quality of complaint handling
within general practice in 2014-15 and provides an overview of the findings based
on the authors’ casework and other evidence.

Minded to Change. Findings from the Health Trainer Service in England
The report discusses how health trainers are ideal for promoting mental health and wellbeing and supporting clients with a range of complex issues such as physical ill health, social isolation, anxiety and stress.

At the Heart of Health
A new report funded by NHS England and led by Nesta and the Health Foundation, working in partnership with other key organisations such as National Voices.  It is part of a wider Realising the Value programme, in support of the NHS Five Year View

Five Year Forward View
This report describes a clear direction for the NHS, divided into four chapters and explains why the NHS needs to change.

Strategies for Improving GP Services in Merton
Healthwatch Merton carried out research involving local residents from across the community to identify what improvements, ideas and solutions they would like to see for General Practice (GP) services in Merton, in the future.  

Merton – The Place for a Good Life
The Merton Health and Wellbeing Strategy document for 2015-2018 is Public Health Merton’s first ever annual public health report which focuses on prioritising the most significant influences on health, as well as good health, for Merton residents.

Help us build a new NHS in south west London
This summary explains the main issues for health services locally and why things need to change.

Report of the Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum 
This document describes key facts and figures about children and young people’s mental health, and shows actions that schools and colleges can take. 

Healthwatch England – The Way Forward
Healthwatch England have been working with 152 local Healthwatch and other organisations to find out how they can be the most effective national consumer champions in health and care. The document explains the main findings of the work that they did in the first six months from 1st October 2012 to 31st March 2013.  

No Health Without Mental Health
The document recognises how important it is to ensure good, easy access to high quality health care, and make effective use of mental health resources.

No Assumptions: A Narrative For Personalised, Coordinated Care and Support in Mental Health
The report described the most important factors that lead to the successful care, treatment and support of people with mental ill health who use services, from their point of view.

Merton Clinical Commissioning Group – Summary Annual Report 2013/14
The report describes the roles and responsibilities of the CCG and outlines the services that they commission listing 8 priorities that were identified including long term conditions, children and young people and stay healthy and more.

Cracks in the Pathway: People’s Experiences of Dementia Care as They Move Between Care Homes & Hospitals
This report breaks down the findings from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) review into the care and services provided for people living with dementia as they moved between care homes and acute hospitals.

Altogether Now – Making Integration Happen
The report recognises that the current health and social care system is not operating to the best standard and not sustainable in the long term.

A New Settlement for Health and Social Care – Final Report
This report highlights a number of problems with the current settlement and makes proposals for a new settlement which have been published in the Commission’s final report.

The 2015 Challenge Manifesto: A Time For Action
The document sets out a vision of where health and care services should be heading for the future and how this will be delivered.  

Transforming Mental Health: A Plan of Action for London
The report evaluates the impact of mental illness in London.  It considers the existing provision of services and how far London has progressed.  

Better Health for London
The report describes a collaborative approach to improving public health. This includes 64 recommendations grouped into five themes.  

The Care Act 2014 Factsheets
The guidance consists of 12 new factsheets that relate to the parts of the care and support reforms that come into effect in April 2015.  

The Compact
This document summaries The Compact – highlighting its 5 shared principles for improved and effective working relationships between the Government and the civil society for mutual benefit.  

Integrated Care and Support: Our Shared Commitment
This report describes the five shared commitments and expected actions such as ‘pursuing a common goal’, to help local areas to integrate services.  

What’s Important to Me: A Review of Choice in End of Life Care Executive Summary
The report discusses the issues that adults at the end of their life face.  It provides advice on the steps that should be taken to ensure greater choice in end of life care for everyone when they need it.

Partner organisation reports


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