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Your spotlight on local services

About Healthwatch

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What is Healthwatch?
Healthwatch is the consumer champion for health and social care in England. Here to give children, young people and adults a powerful voice – making sure their views and experiences are heard by those who run, plan and regulate health and social care services.

By making sure the views and experiences of all people who use services are taken into account, we can help make services better now and in the future. Healthwatch actively seeks views from all sections of the community, especially from those who sometimes struggle to be heard and not just from those who shout the loudest. We also encourage health and social care providers, regulators and planners to hear directly from people themselves.

What does Healthwatch Merton do?
Healthwatch Merton works to help local people get the best out of their local health and social care services. Whether it's improving them today or helping shape them for tomorrow. It’s all about voices being able to influence the delivery and design of local services, not just for people who need to use them now, but anyone who might need to in future.

Healthwatch Merton will play a role nationally through Healthwatch England and at a local level as one of the 152 community focused local Healthwatch. Together we form the Healthwatch network, working closely to ensure consumers’ views are represented nationally and locally.

Merton Council awarded the Healthwatch Merton contract to MVSC because of their excellent local knowledge. MVSC is based in the borough and already engage on a daily basis with the many diverse communities in Merton. Their experience and knowledge about health and social care services working within Merton is also another strong quality.

We are here to:

  • Gather the views and experiences of local people on the way services are delivered and have the power to enter and view adult health and social care services to get a feel for how they are delivering
  • Help you to shape and improve the services you use. We do this by influencing the way services are designed and delivered based on evidence gained from you
  • Engage with people in our locally and inclusively. We want to hear from people across every part of your community - so if you haven't met us yet, please get in touch!
  • Keep you up to date with our work through regular newsletters and updates – to sign up to the mailing list please click HERE
  • Provide information and advice about local health and social care services
  • Influence how services are set up and commissioned by having a seat on the local Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Pass information and recommendations to other local Healthwatch, Healthwatch England and the Care Quality Commission

What does Healthwatch England do?
Healthwatch England gives a national voice to the key issues that affect children, young people and adults who use health and social care services.  It develops an intelligent view of trends and consumer experiences at a national level, based on evidence gained from:

  • Views and experiences of people who use services locally and nationally
  • Views and experiences gained by local Healthwatch
  • Evidence gathered and shared by stakeholders and partners, including charities, professional bodies and those who support vulnerable people

All of this evidence is used to highlight major issues and seek change in the policy, regulation and delivery of health and social care services. Where very important issues arise, they are raised with the Secretary of State for Health, the Care Quality Commission, the NHS Commissioning Board, Monitor or local authorities in England. By law they have to respond to what Healthwatch England has to say.

Healthwatch England also provides leadership, support and advice to local Healthwatch so they can be strong ambassadors for local people and develop strong partnerships across their communities.

Anna Bradley, Chair of Healthwatch England says, “The Healthwatch network is a new kind of consumer champion in health and social care. We will make sure the voice of the consumer is heard and acted upon. With our independent statutory powers, the network as a whole has a fantastic opportunity to make a difference.  Healthwatch England looks forward to making sure the public’s voice is heard loud and clear by those who plan, run and regulate health and social care services.

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Merton Directories

Merton Directories - hosts information on support, services, advice and things to do for children, young people and adults.


MVSC is delighted to have been awarded this contract and we are pleased we will continue our work with health and social care services within the borough. We work successfully in partnership across all sectors and are looking forward to delivering the best possible service we can for local people.