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Your spotlight on local services


Want to make a complaint about a health or social care service?

The following pages have been compiled to bring together all the relevant information you need to know before making a complaint.

Please read through the information provided and remember that if you believe someone is at risk of harm or abuse, you should call 999 and speak to the Police.

Whatever your complaint it is a good idea to keep a record of all verbal and written communication, Use this form to keep track of your complaint. 


Can Healthwatch Merton resolve my complaint?

No, Healthwatch Merton does not directly provide any health or social care services and cannot investigate or resolve a complaint you may have with one of these services.

The right to complain or give feedback about an unsatisfactory service is a key consumer right, it is one that Healthwatch Merton champions.

Although we do not have a remit for investigating complaints, we can help by signposting you to the most appropriate place to get more information and support for making a complaint. The process for making complaints about health and social care services within Merton is laid out in the tabs above, please read this information carefully before you start the complaints process.

You can also use Healthwatch England interactive tool to discover the best way for you to raise a complaint about health or social care services.

What can Healthwatch Merton do?

Our role is to ensure that the voices of consumers and those who use services reach the ears of decision makers – even when those voices have something difficult to say. Therefore Healthwatch Merton is here to give you; the Children, young people and adults of Merton, a voice to help you to influence the delivery and design of local services, whether that is improving health and social care services today or helping to shape them for tomorrow.

We would like to hear about your experiences of health and social care services in Merton, tell us what you think works well, how things could change and what can improve. We invite you to help us to create change together by ‘speaking up’ and getting involved, so, please share your experiences with us by using our ‘Your Say’ form. If we receive a number of concerns regarding the same issue we can take these to Service Providers, Commissioners of Services and also to Healthwatch England who can identify national trends.

 Unhappy with a service but don’t want to complain?

You can give feedback to the service by contacting them directly, or you can take it further by contacting the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC are the independent regulator of health care and adult social care services in England. It is responsible for checking that hospitals, dentists, GP practices, ambulances, care homes, home-care agencies and other care services all meet important standards of quality and safety in the care they provide.

CQC will use information from the public to help identify where care may be falling below these standards. Information from the public helps inform, when, where and what it inspects. If care services are not providing care that meets national standards, CQC will use its legal powers to make them improve.

T 03000 616161
E enquiries@cqc.org.uk
W www.cqc.org.uk 

Making complaints and sharing your views is essential in helping services improve. For more information please watch the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman video below. 

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MVSC is delighted to have been awarded this contract and we are pleased we will continue our work with health and social care services within the borough. We work successfully in partnership across all sectors and are looking forward to delivering the best possible service we can for local people.