New website to give essential information about services in native tongue

Healthwatch Merton is pleased to see the launch of a free website for anyone new to living in London, who doesn’t speak English as a first language.

Navigating a new city can be challenging, especially when you are still learning the language. London in your Language is here to help. They bring together up-to-date, expert information on important topics that can help guide you on how to use different services. You can also learn practical words and phrases that may help in an emergency, as well as other important situations.

Founder of the website, Dr Elhum Jhanji says: "The strength and resilience of these women was truly extraordinary. Their desire to protect their children, and do their best for them, against all odds, was impossible to ignore. These women are the inspiration for this website, as are the service providers who work so hard to achieve equality".

Since then, the organisation has continued to consult with women and men of different ages and backgrounds, to develop the idea of London in your Language. Now in the key development phase, they aim to:

  • Work with target users and find out what matters to them.
  • Create new content, evaluate what works and improve.
  • Build partnerships with communities who could most benefit from this site.
  • Achieve better access to services and better outcomes for users.

The goal is to provide a comprehensive source of information for non-native English speakers about how to access services and participate and enjoy life in London.


London in Your Language would love to hear from you. Please use their contact page to get in touch with them and have your say about which languages you would like to see next. They are adding new content every two weeks and you can let them know which topics matter most to you. You can also subscribe using your email address if you would like to receive email updates when new content is added.

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