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People regret not raising concerns about their care – but those who do raise concerns see improvements


Whilst launching their new campaign, 'Declare Your Care' the Care Quality Commission has highlighted new research which found that almost 7 million people who have used health or social care services, in the last five years, have had concerns about their care but never raised them. Of these, over half (58%) expressed regret about not doing so.

The most common reasons for not raising a concern were:

  • not knowing how (20%) or who (33%) to raise it with
  • not wanting to be seen as a 'troublemaker' (33%)
  • worries about not being taken seriously (28%)
  • feeling that nothing would change as a result (37%).

However, when people did raise a concern or complaint, the majority (66%) found their issue was resolved quickly, it helped the service to improve and they were happy with the outcome.

You can share your experiences with the CQC by following this link: https://www.cqc.org.uk/share-your-experience-finder

And you can always share your experiences with Healthwatch by emailing info@healthwatchmerton.co.uk or calling 02086852282




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