‘what is working well’

The key focus of this snapshot report is to share ‘what is working well’
Working well report

Towards the end of 2020 Healthwatch Merton decided to explore what had been working well across Health and Social care during the pandemic.
Another aspect of this work was to ask people whether they had started connecting digitally since April 2020 and what support was still needed to help overcome the challenges of staying online.

The insight collected from people, since late 2020, is not reflective of all of the views/opinions and these may also have changed as services have adapted more or could be experiencing other challenges.


What is working Well - June 2021

Our Key Recommendation

This is linked to the key findings that came from the ‘Connecting Digitally’ part of our ‘what is working well project’:

We suggest a Merton Digital Summit be held and will seek to progress this in collaboration with partners

We feel this summit should be held as a hybrid (some people online and at a physical venue) to embrace the new digital ways of working together.

The Key themes of the Merton Digital Summit could explore: -

  •  Start a mapping exercise of digital support of what is already out there to meet the emerging needs (e.g. Carers Support Merton Digital Champions)
  • Share findings from reports or pieces of research that has been carried out by organisations across all sectors over the last 6 months
  • Enable innovative ways to help communities excluded from being online (e.g., Digital Pods across the Merton that could be supported with Digital Chaperones to ensure people are supported safely when logging online).

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