PPG Best Practice Guide

A guide to Patient Participation Groups (PPGs), with ideas, suggestions, templates and more.


A Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a group of patients, carers and GP practice staff who meet to discuss practice issues and patient experience to help improve the service. This report outlines what Patient Participation Group are, how to set one up, guidence, roles and more.  

Suggestions when setting up a PPG

  • The practice staff should make sure that everyone in the group is clear about what is and what is not to be included in group discussions or actions
  • A Terms of Reference should be developed by the PPG and ground rules should be outlined in this
  • Meetings should be set for approximately 1.5 hours, unless PPG members have specifically requested more time
  • A PPG should meet within the GP practice at a time suitable for all patients – this could be afternoon or evening depending on what is agreed
  • The PPG should discuss constructive suggestions for improving the practice, and share concerns that could affect the wider practice population
  • PPGs should consider inviting health and voluntary professionals to PPG meetings from time to time, for PPG members to remain informed and updated about local opportunities for patients
  • PPG patient members cannot provide any


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